Women on Mission

WMU challenges Christian believers to understand and be radically involved in the mission of God.

 We encourage all women of the church to join us in studying missions and in leading our church to support missions in all the various means that the church uses for outreach to a dying world. We meet twice monthly to study the Bible and also to study various ways to do missions. 




Uvalde Baptist Church's WMU Ministry Project:


The majority of women and girls in many parts of the world cannot afford feminine products. Every month they use whatever they can find to meet their need or use nothing at all. The "PAD PROJECT" was created to provide usable menstrual pads to meet this need and open a door for a gospel witness and church planting. Since 2013 over 4,000 pads have benefited women in South Asia as well as in Uganda South Africa, and in recent months a connected need has arisen.

In one south Asian country there are gifted Christian seamstresses who want to make pads to sell but cannot find absorbent flannel in their country. "BLESSINGS BY THE YARD" was born! We dreamed of enough flannel for these women to make 10,000 pads to sell and use as a tool to share Jesus and to start churches. We estimate that to reach our goal it will take 716 yards of flannel. Over 100 yards have already arrived in South Asia. We only have 615 yards to go!

Please bring flannel donations to the church by April 1st as I will be delivering your contributions to the Annual Association meeting then.

In His Love.

PS: you don't have to be a WMU member to contribute!

Jerry Forbus

WMU Director